Residence Permit for Investment Activity (Golden Visa)

The rules governing the granting of Residence Permit for Investment (Golden Visa), in force from 8 October 2012, enable third country nationals to obtain a temporary residence permit to conduct business activities with visa waiver to enter national territory. The beneficiaries of ARI / Golden Visa are entitled to:

  • Residence visa waiver for entering Portugal
  • Living and working in Portugal, on condition that they stay in Portugal for a period of 7 or more days, in the first year, and 14 or more days, in the subsequent years
  • Visa exemption for travelling within the Schengen Area
  • Family reunification
  • Applying for permanent residence (pursuant to the Aliens Act – Act number 23/2007 of 4 July with the current wording)
  • Applying for Portuguese citizenship, by naturalization, provided all other requirements set out by the Nationality Act are fulfilled (Act number 37/81 of 3 October, with the current wording)

You may apply for a Residence Permit for Investment when you purchase real estate with a value equal to or above 500,000 euros.