Caves São Domingos

The ”São Domingos” Bagaceira brandy, produced in its own stills, continues to lead the market with quality as always. Under the aegis of the reference ”São Domingos”, other brands such as ”Lopo de Freitas”, ”Elpídio”, ”Quinta de S. Lourenço” and more recently ”Volúpia” have appeared, a white wine that has surprised consumers and leaders Of opinion.
The constant innovation of the means of production and vinification, has allowed to raise the quality and prestige of the house wines, reinforcing the business competitiveness of the São Domingos brand.
Wine tourism is also a win-win, dazzling thousands of visitors every year for the beauty of the galleries carved into the rock, the millions of bottles on stage, as well as the Baga room, Bairrada room, barrel room and wine shop, making Part of the Bairrada Route.
In Solar Caves of São Domingos we have at your disposal ample spaces, Sala Bairrada, Sala Baga and Barricas Room, dedicated to meetings and other exclusive events.

Luxury Properties in Caves São Domingos

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