Where nature has prepared to welcome you

Everything meets at the centre
“Centro de Portugal” (Centre of Portugal) is one the most versatile regions of the country, featuring such a rich heritage that many sites have already obtained the World Heritage distinction. On the region’s interior, we find mountain ranges and typical villages. On the coastline, by the sea, small fishermen villages and cosmopolitan beaches live side by side, a great invitation for water sports. This is also one of the favourite regions for golfers, thanks to the mild climate and the peace that is so easily found here.

The best beaches
An extensive coastal area with fine white sand beaches, long summers and plenty of sunshine hours all throughout the year make of Portugal an irresistible abode. It is no accident that a small country like Portugal has close to 300 beaches with Blue Flags in Europe.

The walls of the castle welcome you to the medieval village of Óbidos. Amidst the gothic Manueline portico, the flowery windows and the small squares, one finds unforgettable bookstores, such as the one nested in the old church of São Tiago. Apart from its relevance as a literary village, Óbidos hosts many not-to-missed festivals all throughout the year.



The Heart of Portugal
With four different itineraries, we are set to discover the “Heart of Portugal”, the place where the Portuguese identity was formed. These itineraries include three of the most important Portuguese monuments, all classified by the UNESCO as World Heritage – Mosteiro de Alcobaça, Convento de Cristo and Mosteiro da Batalha.

Fátima, the World’s Altar
The Sanctuary of Fátima is one of the strongest references in the cult of the Virgin Mary, attracting pilgrims from all over the World. Until 1917, Cova da Iria, where the Sanctuary of Fátima is located, was an unknown place. But from that year on everything changed, as three children-shepherds witnessed several apparitions of Our Lady of Rosário.

Aldeias do Xisto and Historical Villages
Hidden in the mountains of abundant vegetation, the Aldeias do Xisto (villages of schist) are one of our best-kept secrets, happily unveiled by its inhabitants. To discover the historical villages, we suggest an itinerary which starts at the only place where there isn’t a castle to visit: the Piódão.

Buçaco, Luso, Curia – a walk in Bairrada
Between the majestic forest of Buçaco and the thermal spas of Luso and Curia, we find a region that offers all you need to feel pampered. Chapels and centennial trees, ponds and many other enchanting places will stay forever in your memories.