Herdade Espirra

Where nature has prepared to welcome you

Acquired by Portucel in 1985, Herdade de Espirra, located in the region of Pegões, about 50 km south of Lisbon, is a diversified space in terms of land occupation. At the entrance there is the social area, which includes the meeting room, offices, housing, wine cellar and warehouse. The layout of the constructions of this “hill” integrates harmoniously in the landscape, corresponds to the architecture of the region and is evident in the image of the wines.
Herdade de Espirra is a property perfectly integrated with nature, managed in a sustainable way and in compliance with the rules in force, duly controlled by competent entities that allows the wines produced here to have the designation of wine obtained from vines in Production Integrated.
The vines with more than 30 years of age and in integrated production, mostly of Castelão, traditional culture of the Region, confer unique and genuine characteristics to the wines produced there.
The 37 hectares of vineyards located on the sandy soils of Herdade de Espirra coexist harmoniously with other agroforestry activities, such as cork production, pine nut production, herd grazing, nursery and timber production, occupying a total of 1,700 hectares.