Manuel Dinis Jesus Patrão – Vinhos Vadio

Where nature has prepared to welcome you

The VADIO is situated in the village of Poutena in the region of BAIRRADA. It is a small and familiar project that has as essential element the recovery of the traditional varieties and the production of authentic wines DOC BAIRRADA. We have two totally different vineyards and an old warehouse that we have adapted in a very simple way for the production of wine. Our wines have a classic style that seeks to respect the authenticity of the region and the character of the grape varieties that give it origin.
We practice viticulture based on sustainability through an integrated production method, protecting the biodiversity of the region. We believe that this way we can grant greater authenticity and character to our wines. We resort to family labor and occasionally some local rural workers, enabling a better use and development of the resources and capabilities of the region.