Monte das Soberanas

The Monte das Soberanas extends over 371 hectares. Its extremes the spring are in the limit of the denomination of origin Península de Setúbal; Beyond them, is the wine Alentejo. The property is crossed by the Ribeira das Soberanas along 2 km. There are three dams: Salgado Valley (10ha); Valley of the Eucalyptus (9ha); And the Monte Dam (1ha). There is, therefore, self-sufficiency in water resources. The irrigated area amounts to a total of 140ha.
In the Soberanas we privilege, above all, the terroir and the natural resources, in all our activities. Quality is our great goal, even if it involves additional financial efforts. Wine is our most recent adventure and also one in which the particularities of soil and climate assume critical importance.
The farm is located in Monte da Soberana, near Torrão, in the middle of the Alentejo region. The company’s headquarters – Sociedade Agro-Pecuária das Soberanas Lda. – is located in Lisbon. Our vineyards are administratively located in the region of the Setúbal Peninsula and our wines are produced with the brands “Monte da Soberana”, “XS”, “Soberana” and “S de Soberanas”, under the denomination “Vinho Regional Península de Setúbal”.

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