Quinta da Murta

Quinta da Murta is a 27 ha property, located about 25 km from Lisbon, on the slopes of the small Demarcada region of Bucelas, in a remote, protected and spectacular property that offers a great diversity of fauna and flora.
It practices a sustainable viticulture, certified and always privileges the “biodynamics”, allowing to harvest grapes of superior quality and to create wines with exceptional characteristics. The intervention is minimized by the use of indigenous yeasts and a meticulous temperature control. Stabilize the wines without using chemicals.
The vineyard is treated and conducted with excellence on an annual basis. The application of Lusitano horse manure and inter-row farming is maintained to protect the land and maximize the phytosanitary status of the vineyards as well as the quality of the grapes.

Luxury Properties in Quinta da Murta

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