Quinta da Romeira

Quinta da Romeira is situated in the heart of one of the oldest wine exporting regions. Arthur Wellesley, Duke of Wellington, the military leader who astonished the armies of Napoleon in defense of the Peninsula, with the construction of the Lines of Towers, a brilliant engineering work, was himself surprised by the great whites of Bucelas. In such a way that he sent them to the then Prince of Wales. Jorge IV, appreciated them so much that he baptized them Wines of Lisbon. Also for England the 3rd Earl of Castle Best sent the best, and instituted in Bucelas the “Morgado de Santa Catarina”, in honor of D. Catherine of Bragança, Queen of England.
The Quinta da Romeira has existed since 1703 and in the history of this charismatic Solar that remains here with its Manueline windows, came to rest the Duke of Wellington and are referred to relatives of the celebrated Marquis of Pombal, famous for supporting the vine and the incentive to export – a celebrated friend of the whites of Bucelas. If already in the century XIII, there are references to the region and its wines, when Count Pedro delivers some properties for payment of a debt, among which “a couple in Romeira”, we can still retreat to 2 200 BC, and the active presence of the Romans In the cultivation and worship of the vine.
The Quinta da Romeira has 130 hectares, of which 75 are affected by the planting of vineyards, mostly Arinto being the largest Arinto leaf in the country. In addition to the vineyard area Quinta da Romeira has 50 hectares of forest exploitation for Besides the Solar and its gardens. The company has its own means of vinification, bottling and storage, with a current capacity of more than 20,000 Hl. A number of investments are underway both in terms of the conversion of the vineyard and the modernization and expansion of the technical and technological means which will enable it to respond more effectively to market needs.

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