Quinta de Sant’Ana

A cool climate with a strong Atlantic influence, a topography of steep slopes and calcareous clay soils. Ideal conditions to grow grapes for fresh elegant wines with personality.
Nestled among the hills just 12km from the Atlantic, Quinta de Sant’Ana has a unique micro-climate of cool nights, cloudy, misty mornings and sunny afternoons. Summer temperatures rarely reach above 35ºC. Winters are generally mild, with temperatures varying between 20ºC and 0ºC, often with nightly ground frosts. Rainfall is high between November and February.
Deep sub-soils with loamy clay, sandy loam and limestone predominate; beneath lies weathered rock, which retains the warmth. For each vineyard, we analysed the soil’s composition, moisture and structure to a depth of two meters. This provided the basis for choosing the ideal root-stock. Each plant in our vineyard has been painstakingly matched to its specific site.
At around 100m elevation, the terrain is undulating to hilly, resulting in a variety of aspects: low-lying, cooler locations provide perfect conditions for our whites, while the steeper, warmer southern slopes ripen our reds. Combined with the geological and micro-climatic conditions, we have a first-class location for our vineyards.

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