Portugal Leads Residential Tourism in Europe

Portugal Leads Residential Tourism in Europe

An independent study, commissioned to Savills International by APR, the Portuguese Association of Resorts and co-financed by COMPETE 2020, attributes to Portugal and Portuguese resorts the first place in an evaluation of 26 residential tourism projects in 9 countries, according to 54 criteria in 10 categories.

The evaluation criteria were grouped into 3 micro categories, level of projects and ventures, and 7 macro categories, country level. Each criterion was assigned a weighting that reflects the importance that a buyer / investor typically attributes to it.

Our best performances are in the categories “Fiscal Regime and Incentives” – especially in the Property Acquisition Costs criterion – “Global Governance” – which includes criteria such as Political Stability, Regulatory Quality, or Corruption Control – and “Business Efficiency “- including: Business Initiation, Construction Licenses, Payment of Tax Obligations, and Compliance with Contracts, and an unemployment rate below the average of the countries analysed.

The residential tourism product stands out in the “Offer” categories – which includes Features, Services, Number and Quality of Golf Courses, and Development Status -, “Demand” – especially appealing sales prices and variety of nationalities of buyers – and “Accessibility and Popularity” – which includes criteria such as proximity to the sea, distance from airports and urban centers.

Fieldwork was conducted during the second half of 2017 and covered the analysis of supply and demand trends as well as marketing and sales strategies used at the national, regional and project level. The sources of information used include statistical services, direct interviews with associations, agents and sales and marketing officials in their respective countries, such as the OECD, the World Bank, the IMF, the World Economic Forum, and globally recognised statistics and rating agencies such as Eurostat , S & P, Moody’s and Fitch.