Comporta / Alentejo
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Herdade da Comporta

Comporta / Alentejo

Herdade da Comporta’s mission is to create a tourist destination of high quality and economically attractive, in a place strongly differentiated by environmental, historical and cultural factors.
The natural virtues of the region already point to a tourism development of great quality. However, this project also aims to rehabilitate and enhance the natural heritage, promote commercial activity and involve the local community through education, training and incentive to create economic activities.
In an environment where comfort combines with sophistication and quality, Herdade da Comporta has prepared an offer with different real estate solutions. Distinguished in its location, all of them seek to preserve and recreate the traditional architectural lines of the region: one-story, large and open houses, which invite a great experience between the interior and exterior, and where simplicity coexists with quality.
Harmoniously integrated in the landscape and with privileged views, the houses make use of natural materials originating from the region, with excellent finishes, offering all the comfort of a house of high quality. Designed to enjoy a unique and distinctive natural beauty in the four seasons, making Herdade da Comporta the ideal choice for all moments of leisure and escape.

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Herdade da Comporta

Espaço Comporta, EN 253, km 1
7580 – 610 Comporta Portugal

Telefone: (+351) 265 499 900
Fax: (+351) 265 497 575

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