Castro Marim / Algarve

Verdelago Resort

Castro Marim / Algarve

Verdelago Resort is the only 5-star nature resort to be developed on the Eastern Algarve coastline. Between Altura and Praia Verde, it spans over 80 hectares and boasts direct beach access. Paced by its own rhythm, Verdelago Resort is in total harmony with pristine natural surroundings. Intelligently integrated into a vast and abundant green landscape comprising several support infrastructures, services and amenities aligned with a healthy, holistic lifestyle. Where nature plays a central role. Here, every experience is crafted for the senses and well-being. Life is enjoyed effortlessly and pleasantly throughout the days. It also offers you an unique investment opportunity.

At Verdelago Resort, you can enjoy a year-round holiday feeling in a natural paradise complemented with simple yet sustainable and luxurious facilities. Dive into the sea, enjoy the diverse natural landscape, or relax in one of its bespoke living solutions dedicated to leisure and well-being.
Dine at the beachside restaurant, take a relaxing boat trip, or enjoy a family outdoor activity in a safe environment. At Verdelago Resort, you will feel nurtured by positive energy and environmental sustainability.


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Verdelago Resort

Verdelago Resort

Castro Marim

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