Badoca Park Safari

We have given new meaning to the discovery of the Alentejo and the Badoca Safari Park, we have encouraged the immensity of its landscape with different species of wild animals.
We invite you to spend a different day in the middle of nature. Live the adventure of the safari and live close up with zebras, giraffes, orixes, wildebeest and many other species that in full freedom transport you to the African continent.
Watch a magnificent presentation of birds of prey where eagles and falcons perform free flights and show ways to hunt their prey.
Savor a delicious meal in the Badoca Safari Park restaurant, harmoniously integrated into the landscape and with a breathtaking view over the savannah.
If you prefer to do a picnic in the picnic park, a space of 1000m2 inserted in the middle of the pine forest.
Discover the exotic bird garden and let yourself be invaded by the joy of the colors of the various species that live there – macaws, parrots, among many others.
Enjoy the fresh air and take an unforgettable pedestrian walk, crossing a magnificent wooden bridge with 80m2 built between the trees and the creek.
Come spend a different day in a magical and unique place in the Badoca Safari Park!