Club Golf Miramar

Club Golf Miramar is located just ten kilometers from the Douro River, on Miramar Beach. It was built in 1932 on the sandy beach, from the dune that to the north is confronted with the chapel of the Lord of the Stone, until the beginning of the Beach of the Aguda to the South. The source, with the line of train and the road to cross it, the lands began in the pine forests of Mira and ended up in the sand of the beach, by the sea.
From that date until now, with tight financial management and the commitment of successive management and associates, the Club has been progressively built, with its nine competitive holes and its magnificent Club House, which is indispensable for the conviviality of its members and their families.
The Miramar Golf Club celebrated 85 years of history, with 478 members, of which the impressive number of 135 members under thirty years old stood out at the time. Since that date, the club’s School has evolved very expressively and this number has increased dramatically, counting now with more than 100 regular students. This trend not only contributes to the stability and sustainability of sport, but also to a great extent ensures the longevity of the club.