Clube de Golfe Quinta das Lágrimas

In 1999 the Quinta das Lágrimas Golf Academy was founded in Coimbra, an investment made by Quinta das Lágrimas group and supported by João Lagos Sport, in order to create a social value for the city and to diversify the sports activities of the population, Until this date away from the world of golf.
Initially with the opening of the Driving Range and then with the inauguration of its Pitch and Putt, the Academy was soon a success, attracting from the first day many interested in learning this sport, people that little or no contact had had with the modality of golf, except through television or during a vacation outside of Coimbra, and also welcomed some existing practitioners, especially from the Center area.
The golfers who frequented the Academy assiduously began to go to the golf courses, especially for the Montebelo golf course, because it was the “closest field”, and to participate in competitions in the same field. Thus, it was quickly concluded that there was a need for the creation of the Club so that at the federative level the players could enjoy the benefits of any federate, such as the management of their handicaps and participation in competitions organized by other clubs in a way Perfectly regular.