Colégio de Nossa Senhora das Graças

The College of Our Lady of Grace is situated in the parish of St. Jerome of Real, in the city of Braga,
It was born from a dream of a sister, Sister Maria das Graças Rosa and the effort, work and dedication of a Franciscan priest, Br. António Pedro da Anunciação (O.F.M.).
In thirty years of continuous effort, the Sisters built all the diversity of current facilities.
– The College (kindergarten, preschool, A.T.L., 1st and 2nd cycles of Basic Education) has very different spaces, all built from scratch on the grounds of the old agricultural farm, and designed to meet the different needs of successive degrees of education.
– Day Care Center, Mini-home and home support, to support the elderly and the sick, which, of course, do not make part of the institution’s “pedagogical dimension”, end up integrating in some way an “educational dimension” Physicists are completely autonomous, but contiguous – which allows for a very healthy contact between children and some older people, which sometimes results in sharing life histories and experiences of mutual “adoption”, extremely enriching for these very different generations, and Now so far apart by the progressive disappearance of extended families.
– It is also a shelter for young people who shelters, protects and educates girls deprived of a normal or economically disadvantaged family environment, has one, two or three bed rooms, a social room, study rooms, a library, etc.