Colégio Guadalupe

Colégio Guadalupe is a private educational establishment, located in the Aroeira pine forest. Its name was inspired by its founder, Maria de Guadalupe, who about fifty years ago, created the Externato Infante D. Henrique and later the Externato Novo Dia.
In environmental and architectural conditions of excellence, the College has been distinguished by its innovative line and research carried out by our students, encouraged by our teachers.
The College stands out for its integration in the natural landscape in which it is inserted, creating an environment of study that favors the tranquility and peace of the students. Its facilities bring together all pedagogical and technological advances, essential factors in the development of quality education. With well-defined spaces for pre-school, basic education and secondary education, the whole building was thought of the incentive of sharing between large and small.
The trust shown in generations of parents and guardians in our educational project has guided our constant innovation and modernization, not forgetting values and principles that should remain unchanged.
The faculty is prepared to think of the student as a constantly evolving being who needs encouragement and affection, using strategies that are always motivating, focusing attention on learning.