Dom Pedro Golf

Dom Pedro Golf owns and operates some of the largest and best golf courses in Europe, featuring five prestigious courses in Vilamoura – the Victoria Golf Club (host of the 2005 World Championships and Portugal Masters since 2007), The Old Course Clube de Golfe, the Pinhal Clube de Golfe, the Laguna Clube de Golfe and the Millennium Clube de Golfe.
The Victoria Clube de Golfe, with an area of about 90 hectares, is the only project of the legendary player Arnold Palmer in Portugal.
The Old Course Clube de Golfe was designed by the English golf architect Frank Pennink. Inaugurated in 1969 underwent important remodelling work, which included various improvements and the construction of a new Clubhouse in 1996.
The Pinhal Clube de Golfe was inaugurated in 1976 and the original layout is written by the English architect Frank Pennink.
The various modifications introduced in 1985 by the famous American architect Robert Trent Jones resulted in an evident difference of concepts in the same field.
The Millennium Clube de Golfe project was designed by the English architect Martin Hawtree and was inaugurated in May 2000.
The careful planning that preceded its conception makes it one of the most attractive fields built to date in Portugal.
The 18 holes of the Laguna Clube de Golfe offer different and varied playing conditions, a typical feature in the trait of its author, the architect, American Joseph Lee.