Moinho de Maré da Mourisca

Located in the Sado Estuary Natural Reserve, the Mourisca Mine Mill, possibly original from the 17th century, is located in the Herdade da Mourisca, near Faralhão, in a zone of salt marshes and salt marshes, surrounded by old lands used for the cultivation of rice.
The Mourisca Tidal Mill is one of four known tidal mills in the Sado estuary.
It is a structure prepared for the simultaneous operation of eight mills, which operated until a few decades ago.
It originally consisted of a grinding room, a storage room and a support house for the miller. In ruins after years of abandonment, the mill was acquired by ICNB – Institute of Nature and Biodiversity Conservation, current ICNF – Institute of Nature and Forest Conservation, which, in 1995, began its reconstruction.
In 2012, a co-management protocol was signed between the ICNF and the Municipal Council of Setúbal, these entities being responsible for the dynamization in the Windmill and surrounding area.
Currently, several activities are promoted at Mourisca’s Tidal Mill and in the surrounding area, which is renowned for its biological diversity.