Museu Cerro da Vila


Visiting the Cerro da Vila Museum and Archaeological Site takes you on a 5000-year journey through the history of humankind.

An immersive experience of a typical Roman maritime villa (c. 1st – 5th AD) awaits every visitor. Inside the villa are mosaics, luxurious fountains (domus), public and private baths, fish sauces factories, funerary monuments (columbaria, inhumation graves), and highlights the existence of a fluvial port serving as a trading post.

Once inside the museum, a temporal incursion begins with an on-site appreciation of the graves unearthed in Vinha do Casão cemetery, Vilamoura, Algarve (c. 12th – 10th BC). This period, in the southern part of the Iberian Peninsula, focused mainly on the economy together with the exploration and production of bronze metal.

On this journey through time, you will experience the Roman (c. 1st – 5th AD), and Islamic (c. 8th – 12th AD) periods. Archaeological artefacts related to architecture, sculpture, commerce and death are shown, many of which are unique to Portugal.


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