Paço Episcopal do Porto

The Episcopal Palace is still the residence of the Bishop of Porto, in the Terreiro da Sé in Oporto. The building was built in the 13th century, inside the old Fernandina Wall, but to this day has already undergone several modifications – among them a renovation whose design is attributed to Nicolau Nasoni in 1737. Subsequently, the building was strategic In defense of the city during the Siege of Porto, maintaining some marks of this resistance and got to lodge the City Hall.
The visit to the palace begins on the monumental granite staircase, but the ceilings worked in pastel shades – which will accompany the whole visit – are a reason to spend a lot of time with their eyes in the air. The route follows the rooms of the Mirrors, the Coat of Arms and the Chapel, and until arriving at the Audience Hall, which is still used today by Bishop António Francisco dos Santos. From there, one has a panoramic view of the Terreiro da Sé.
The visit proceeds to the Throne Room, majestic and red, and continues through the temporary exhibition hall, which are created from the collection of the Diocese of Porto. The last stop is at the belvedere with an impressive view over the river Douro, from where you can also reach the Fernandina Wall, the riverside area of Vila Nova de Gaia and the Luiz I Bridge.