Park Internacional School – Colégio o Parque Cascais

At PaRK International School we teach children to acquire the skills and tools to grow bilingual, curious, supportive, self-reliant and meet the challenges of a world in constant movement with the confidence to reach their full potential.
Our mission is to train and inspire students to be successful and successful in their adult lives.
We have a passion for education, innovation and technology. We view innovation and technology as a global way of communicating that allows our students to interact and influence global society.
We guide our students to give their best and to be leaders who influence and inspire those around them. Although the future is uncertain, we know that our students will have to respond in a demanding international environment, deal with people from different cultures and work in a world without borders. This mind-set, allied to technology, allows our students to navigate in a confident way in this reality. To achieve this goal, we count on our team to set the example so that students are also hardworking, curious and resilient.
We work to create a demanding learning environment open to new people, cultures and ideas for both our team and our students. We believe in individualization: each student is unique deserving this distinction and consequent adequacy of educational practices; We encourage each student to give his or her best in all disciplines.
The culture of PaRK IS is teamwork and research. We are always willing to reflect on how best to put our mission, vision and program into practice!