Ponta da Piedade

Mysterious cliffs to enchant the eyes

With a magnificent view of the Atlantic and the shapes of cliffs carved by the sea and time, Ponte da Piedade is an idyllic setting of cut out rocks that sharply contrast with the greenish blue waters below.

Located 2 km from Lagos on the Costa d’Oiro and full of grottos, unknown bays and quiet beaches, the Ponte da Piedade is particularly captivating when viewed from the sea.

Long, narrow stairs lead you down to a small cove where pretty boats wait for visitors wishing to explore this natural paradise. On these trips, experienced fishermen wind their way expertly through the gigantic stone sculptures whilst revealing their names and secrets. Some names given to these misshapen rocks and perpetuated by fishermen include General De Gaulle, Chaminé (chimney), Catedral (cathedral), Belas-Artes (fine arts), Camelo (camel), Museu (museum), Submarino (underwater), Cozinha (kitchen) and Gruta dos Amores (grotto of love).

Further enriching this setting are the many bird species that make it their habitat. A little distance away from the coastline, there are several islands on the slopes of which it is common to see nests of peregrine falcons, ravens, jackdaws, alpine swifts and pallid swifts, as well as colonies of egrets and cattle egrets.

Those daring to climb up 182 steps to the top of the lighthouse will have a view of the Ponte da Piedade promontory, which marks the limit between land and sea.

From: Visit Algarve/Turismo de Portugal