Restaurante Alcanena

The restaurant Alcanena is located in Quinta do Anjo, parish of the Municipality of Palmela, in the main artery that crosses the village, connecting Palmela to Azeitão.
It has two dining rooms, the first with “à la carte” meal service, the second, set up in an old family cellar recovered for this purpose, serving as “Buffet”, where the client can serve the description, choosing between A great diversity of typical dishes that are permanently placed at your disposal.
Privileging the defense of the flavors of the region where it fits, the restaurant Alcanena has represented the local gastronomy in several competitions, such as the Tourism Exchange of Lisbon and the Gastronomic Festival of Santarém, already counting with two first prizes obtained in regional competitions of gastronomy.
Essential factors in achieving the quality and gastronomic tradition that underlie the success of this house are the careful selection of certified products, both regional and from other parts of the country, and the concern with the daily supply of fresh produce.
The fish is purchased daily in Praça de Setúbal and a small family farm guarantees the production of most of the vegetables and herbs used in the preparation of their dishes, and the lack of any ingredient is always remedied by using local producers, thus guaranteeing to your dishes the unique taste of a meal made with finished products of spoon.