Restaurante Cantina Lx

The Cantina LX restaurant opened its doors in 2009 as the first gastronomic tenant of the charismatic Lx Factory. The space results from the rehabilitation of the old printing facilities and previous wool mills, through the use of furniture and equipment from the original canteen that has served countless generations of workers since 1846. The concept of Cantina LX lies in offering a gastronomic experience based on the Portuguese traditions in an informal, relaxed and intimate environment that transports us to a journey in time, involving the space and rehabilitated furniture of its factory origins with approximately 150 years. The menus of the Cantina, carefully elaborated by the hands of Chefs Artur, Frederico and Marco, reflect the National identity with the influences that over the centuries has been absorbing the “4 corners of the World” and with a strong inspiration in the wood oven, the true protagonist and the “soul” of the most genuine that the Cantina LX offers. The bread baked in the wood oven, the true business card of Cantina LX, is daily crushed and leavened in a delicate process that takes about four hours, since the kneading begins.