Restaurante Corktale – Wine Bar

Corktale is a project that aims to offer all customers the possibility to meet, taste and appreciate some of the best Portuguese and foreign wines. A letter with about 250 references of wine that can be drunk to the ground or accompanied by our magnificent tapas.
Noble prime matter. It is Portuguese and is directly related to wine. It gives us identity. It relates to what is ours. There is no good wine without good cork stoppers. The ritual of enjoying wine begins with the cork. It is the beginning of a story
The “Once upon a time” behind every moment, every experience or even every wine. The Cork retains several stories: of whom he planted, of whom he treated, of whom he reaped, and of whom he made wine. Who created the kites, who stepped on the grapes, and who stripped the cork tree. So many tales … in one Stopper.
The Corktale is wine, it’s a wine bar. There are several wines and brands. A fun mixture of varieties, aromas and flavours. There are many Tales and Stories. Cork … Tale.