Restaurante Maratona

Restaurante Maratona – With the new project conceived in 2008 for the space, it is intended to recreate the lively and informal atmosphere of traditional coffee, not only as a social space, but also as a space for reflection and intervention, but now in a current and comfortable space with a touch of glamor and sophistication, turned towards an increasingly urban and cosmopolitan public.
More than a cafe or simple restaurant, it is a space that generates trends, that responds to the needs of an increasingly demanding and knowledgeable public, while at the same time retaining the more traditional public.
Over the years, the concepts have diversified and nowadays a coffee should be more than “coffee and cakes”. Decades of experience and a lot of research and exploration, lead us to contemplate new concepts, presenting new solutions and services adapted to the different hours of the day.
In a natural process of evolution, after a long and successful experience, in the implementation of lighter and healthier meals, based on soups, salads and natural juices, led to the need to create a space in which to deepen the concept. In view of this scenario, the project also changes the existing games room into a lounge area, which functions simultaneously as a restaurant and bar. Nothing here will be traditional, but an innovative, cosmopolitan and sophisticated space.