World of Discoveries

WORLD OF DISCOVERIES is an Interactive Museum and Theme Park that reconstructs the fantastic odyssey of the Portuguese navigators, who crossed oceans to the discovery of an unknown world.
The Discoveries launched humanity into an era of globalization and forever changed our relationship with the planet.
Portugal has played a leading role in this process for centuries, creating new oceanic routes and putting people, animals and plants around the world.
This space is therefore about meeting cultures and reaching the ambitions, ideas, efforts and innovations that made them possible.
Throw yourself into the adventure that changed the world, through our twenty major permanent thematic areas.
At the end, in the Mundo de Sabores restaurant: a gastronomic epic, indulge yourself with the exotic delicacies and the best flavors of Portugal, Africa, India, China, Japan and Brazil.
Finally, those who desire a timeless memory will surely find it in the “Sphera Mundi” store, an experience of many original objects alluding to the Discoveries.
Embark on discovering, in the city where Infante D. Henrique was born, the man who gave new worlds to the world.