Casa Baía

The Casa da Baía – Tourism Promotion Center, inaugurated on May 7, 2011, provides services for the promotion, dissemination and commercialization of reference products of the Municipality, such as cheese, […]

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Castelo de Loulé

The castle of Arab origin, rebuilt in the 19th century. XIII, had a large walled perimeter, part of which is still visible. Facing Rua da Barbacã stands a tower made […]

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Castelo de Óbidos

It is attributed to the Castle of Óbidos Roman origin, probably based in a castro. It was later fortification under Arab rule. After conquered by Christians (1148) it was repaired […]

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Moinho de Maré da Mourisca

Located in the Sado Estuary Natural Reserve, the Mourisca Mine Mill, possibly original from the 17th century, is located in the Herdade da Mourisca, near Faralhão, in a zone of […]

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Museu Cerro da Vila

  Visiting the Cerro da Vila Museum and Archaeological Site takes you on a 5000-year journey through the history of humankind. An immersive experience of a typical Roman maritime […]

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Museu da Música Portuguesa

The Museum of Portuguese Music is an institution supervised by the Municipal Council of Cascais which, in articulated action with the other cultural institutions of the county, promotes artistic, patrimonial […]

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Paço Episcopal do Porto

The Episcopal Palace is still the residence of the Bishop of Porto, in the Terreiro da Sé in Oporto. The building was built in the 13th century, inside the old […]

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Palácio Nacional da Pena

The Park and the Palácio da Pena, implanted in the hills of Sintra and fruit of the creative genius of D. Fernando II, are the maximum exponent of Romanticism of […]

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Roman Ruins of Troia

Whether for its singularity or its monumentality, when arriving at Troy, do not forget to visit the Roman ruins. Start by getting carried away by the natural beauty of the […]

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Sé Catedral de Évora

The Sé! One can see in the distance its outlined silhouette in the urban landscape. Better known as Évora Cathedral or Sé de Évora, its real name is Sé Basilica […]

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